Traffic Infringement

Ok very first thing is that once you have paid the fine it’s harder to appeal, so before you do anything you need to evaluate the effect of the infringement. Do NOT pay the fine ! until you’ve decided and know what will happen.

First thing you need to do is look at how many points are on your current license you can check this online at the rta website.

Once you’ve worked out how many points you have you need to know how many demit points are taken for the infringement note this changes regularly. you can view the latest list at the rta website

Ok now you should have a an idea on the effect of the infringement. If you are going to retain your license or If you are about to have your license suspended. If you are about to have your license suspended or are coming close to you need to start thinking about the effects of that, do you require a license for work ? do you have dependants ?

Once you’ve gotten some answers to these questions it’s time to give us a call.

Things to note it’s a good idea to note how you received the infringement, all highway patrols cars have video and audio recording, and cameras will of course have an image. So it will make things easier when you come in if you know what kind of car pulled you over as well as a good account of where you were at the time, and what happened. These details are always best recorded straight after the incident.


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